College Spending: Back-to-School Expenditures On The Rise

Our nation’s back-to-school college spending is higher than ever. Up an average of $100 per person between 2011 and 2012, the average college student will spend $907.22 on items like technology (computers, smartphones, printers), dorm or housing decor/furniture, textbooks, and back-to-school clothing, cites the National Retail Federation. This figure does not account for college spending like tuition or college housing (rent).

Back-to-school spending this year is reported to be the biggest “retail” event of the year outside of Christmas and the holidays. Combined K-12 and college spending this year is estimated to reach $83.8 billion. Online school spending is combined with this overall college figure.

View this college infographic to see a visual representation of back-to-school college spending…

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