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MBA Requirements: What Colleges Look For?

As a business professional seeking to move up the corporate ladder, you are probably always seeking ways to develop yourself in your career. You may attend conferences, brush up on your knowledge via industry blogs and publications, or you may go as far as to look into advanced higher education, like an Master of Business Administration (MBA). Before you apply to an MBA program, it is worthwhile to learn what the MBA requirements are, and how you can actually get into the program of your choice. Continue reading

Civil Engineer Job Description: Is This Field For You?

Civil engineers are responsible for making our living space and urban environment function as an effective and sustainable unit. They design and assemble the majority of infrastructure we see around us like streets, railways, sewers, water infrastructure, bridges, and other complex systems. Here is the basic job descriptions of civil engineers, and the pros and cons of the job and field as a whole. Continue reading

Five Books For Improving Your Life

Through life’s journey, many people feel unfulfilled or just plain unhappy in their lives. These feelings may be a result of poor relationships, lack of attaining personal or professional goals, or job dissatisfaction. Here’s a list of the five best books that can help people – whether you are a seeking an online education, or tenured professional expand your outlook, better define goals, take the right steps for attaining desired goals and develop ways to improve relationships. Continue reading

Getting Started as a Freelance Designer

The amount of space being devoted to announcement of layoffs, studio closures, and redundancies is growing every month. The concept of job security or new positions opening up is now a distant memory, and as a result, a design degree graduates and seasoned designers are opting to run their own design businesses.
Going freelance is a big step and challenge, but it makes sense to give it a try. The following tips will give you the edge you need to succeed as a freelancer: Continue reading

International Student Visa : Your Answers Here

Studying in the United States is dream of thousands of international students, but this is only possible with an international student visa. Whether you are pursuing a blended traditional and online school, or just a on-campus school, you should be well aware of the steps needed to use you will get there. Below are some questions which are frequently asked by Visa authorities to students who want to study in the USA: Continue reading