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Private Loans Vs. Home Equity Loans: Types of Loans for Students

Rising tuition costs and a difficult economic climate have made financing tuition a necessity for many American families. Many families either lost money that was being saved for college in the market or were forced to dip into that savings after taking an economic loss. These tough times have forced many families to resort to public and private financial aid to secure higher education. Continue reading

A Look at 2012 College Students: An Infographic

Forget everything you thought you knew about college students. You may think college students are young, impressionable, broke, and inexperienced; but this is far from the truth.

That cookie-cutter image that you may have envisioned about college students has diversified, as the modern-day student is non-traditional, often independent, enjoys distance learning, and has “walked around the block” a few times. One out of every four college students aren’t that young (unless you consider 30 the new 20). The 900,000 students who served in the military are using their post service tuition benefits – so who are you calling inexperienced? Nearly 30 percent of students might agree that their own children are impressionable, but they might take offense if you describe them that way. And half of students are financially independent. Continue reading

IT Scholarships Abound for Those Interested in Technology Degrees

As the world becomes more and more reliant upon technology, there is a greater need for information technologists to write programs and applications, to keep networks functioning, and to accomplish a myriad of other tasks. Because today’s youth have grown up with technology at their fingertips, 24/7, many high school graduates are interested in pursuing jobs in technology. Fortunately there are many scholarships focused on technology. Continue reading