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Color Theory: The ABCs of RGB

Graphic design is driven by the meaning behind colors, typography, layout, and shapes. It is important for both practicing graphic designers and Design degree students to understand the basics of color theory, and its impact on one’s brand. Whether you are a bachelor’s degree seeking collegiate, or a seasoned designer – this infographic on color theory will help illustrate the basics of color meaning, palate forming, and more. Continue reading

Choosing an eReader as a College Student

Do you have someone in your family who will be going off to college this fall? Or, perhaps you are the one who will be setting off on this new and exciting stage in your life. Whether it’s the local community college, major university, or online school, there are various items to consider having. One of your purchase considerations is an eReader or a tablet. Continue reading

How Do Online Crime Scene Investigation Degrees Work?

Are you a natural-born problem solver with an eye for detail? If so, consider becoming a crime scene investigator, a career that is available through an online Crime Scene Investigation degree. Before enrolling in a Crime Scene Investigation degree program, you should be aware of that popular television shows and Hollywood movies typically paint a romantic picture of conducting investigations. Continue reading