Careers in Nutrition

Many people would like to combine their love of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition with a profession that would allow them to obtain financial security and explore a career that they actually have passion for. This article will examine careers in nutrition, and whether or not this field is for you… Continue reading

10 Best Blogs for Instructional Design

As such, more students are choosing to advance their education, expand their skill sets, and receive their bachelor’s degree online. This has increased the need for graduates with an Instructional Design degree. Students interested in this field have many options, and it may be difficult to find all the information they need. To help provide students and practitioners with the information they crave, below is a list of the top 10 blogs for instructional Design. Continue reading

Learning Games: Stay Sharp Over Summer

Instead of letting your brain turn to mush this summer, exercise your brain. The New York Times recently published an article about how working your brain regularly, like the muscle it is, can help you focus and retain information. The Times explained a study done with children in which a small group performed a specific memory game, “…[Students] who played the working memory games fidgeted less…[the students] also scored higher on one of the single best measures of fluid intelligence.” Continue reading