Five Ways the Office is Different From the Classroom

While the days of unscheduled napping and irresponsibility are over, there are benefits to entering the professional world (money to do the things you want to do, for one). Transitioning from a traditional or online school to the office can be a shock. But the more you know about something the less daunting it is. So, here are five major changes to expect when you leave school and head to work. Continue reading

What Jobs Are In Demand?

Given today’s tough economy and continued fluctuations in the employment market, many individuals ponder what jobs are in demand, and consider going back to school to learn a new trade or make a career change. Prospective students have many things to consider when choosing what type of academic program they will pursue. Students who are undecided or who are interested in a number of different fields are well-served by looking at recent information about the jobs that are hardest for employers to fill. Continue reading

From Combat to College: Resources for Veterans

More than 21 million people in America are veterans of the U.S. armed forces – and after serving, many individuals find themselves looking to attend college. Veterans have a unique set of needs that must be met before, during, and after duty. Whether returning to school or supporting a family, each veteran has the right to seek out resources to aid them for the rest of his/her life. Continue reading

Worst Ads and Marketing Campaigns of All Time

Marketing campaigns that fail can be put down to numerous different causes. Bad timing, lack of consumer interest, offensiveness, and cultural insensitivity are some of the many reasons that could contribute to the downfall of a marketing campaign. Here are some marketing campaigns which took a terrific tumble – resulting in financial losses, a tarnished reputation, and more. Continue reading