How To Go Back To School After Unemployment

Getting laid off is a stressful time of life for any individual who has been in the workforce for years. Not only do you have to learn how to go back to school, how to learn again, and changing your current lifestyle by not having that bi-weekly paycheck. It requires a re-evaluation of the current career and sometimes even finding a new career path. With the unemployment rate looming around 8 percent nationwide, it’s no mystery that many people are seeking a new avenue for professional success. If you find yourself in this situation, going back to school has become an option for many. Continue reading

Civil Engineer Job Description: Is This Field For You?

Civil engineers are responsible for making our living space and urban environment function as an effective and sustainable unit. They design and assemble the majority of infrastructure we see around us like streets, railways, sewers, water infrastructure, bridges, and other complex systems. Here is the basic job descriptions of civil engineers, and the pros and cons of the job and field as a whole. Continue reading

10 Careers that Help you Ditch the Desk

For many people, the phrase “go to work” conjures up images of rows of cubicles with desks, with people hunched over their computers, typing furiously. While some people thrive in this type of environment, others wither and long for a job that doesn’t keep them chained to a desk all day.

Although desk work sometimes seems to be the norm, the truth is that sitting at a desk all day long can put a serious strain on the human body. A number of repetitive motion injuries are tied to desk jobs, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Other ailments linked to low-activity desk jobs are eyestrain, back pain, and even colon cancer. Continue reading