Lifelong Learning : How To Be A Lifelong Learner

Learning is essential to personal growth, development, and to avoid boredom. When we learn we ignite our sense of passion as well as our sense of self. Many people turn off their desire to learn once they obtain a college degree, but doing so can lead to a life that’s stale. Rather than accepting the status quo, and deciding that learning only happens in a classroom, discover these ten tips for lifelong learning: Continue reading

#Winning in Online College

It is one thing to dominate residential college, but a whole different battle to master online college. It is not to say that this mode of education is impossible, but there are definitely tricks of the trade to master online coursework. Check out a few suggestions for #winning in online college here… (And don’t worry, they are not from Charlie Sheen.) Continue reading

Does Your Career Hit The Mark?

Choosing a career can be tough. Compare your career and college degree to other popular fields in America and discover how yours adds up. In doing so, you’ll have a better idea of how career sectors match up. Whether you are seeking an IT degree, or pursing an education degree, you’ll find a great roadmap to average earnings and the number of people within a respective profession. Continue reading

Sh-t Online College Students Say

You’re a college student completing your online degree. Here is the sh*t you say: “Dorm rooms are so overrated”… “I am a master at virtual communication”… “I have five classmates-turned-best-friends that will walk in my future wedding, who I have NEVER met face to face yet.” Continue reading