10 Best Blogs for Instructional Design

Technology has touched every facet of life, including education. As such, more students are choosing to advance their education, expand their skill sets, and receive their bachelor’s degree online. This has increased the need for graduates with an Instructional Design degree. Students interested in this field have many options, and it may be difficult to find all the information they need. To help provide students and practitioners with the information they crave, below is a list of the top 10 blogs for instructional Design.

1. Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development – This blog is focused on how instructional design can benefit corporations and the workplace. It is comprehensive and focuses on all types of social media. Updated often, this blog houses a wealth of information on instructional design for the corporate world.

2. Beth’s Blog - This blog focuses on the world of nonprofit training and technology. Beth’s Blog is informative, featuring both video and pictures of recent conferences. Content focuses on instructional techniques and data visualizations.

3. The Rapid e-Learning Blog – This blog offers a unique look at the world of eLearning. Point blank – the latest post is a witty article titled, “3 Ways to Make Your E-Learning Course Look Like a Comic Book.” It contains links to resources on instructional design and managing eLearning projects, in addition to audio and video tips. Easy to navigate and fun to read, this blog is a must for anyone interested in instructional design.

4. eLearning Technology – Written by Tony Karrer, the CEO/CTO of TechEmpower, a software, web and eLearning development firm and expert on how technology affects education and eLearning, this blog has information on eLearning conferences, forecasts, and trends. The information is detailed and updated often.

5. Instructional Design and Development Blog – This blog focuses on instructional design from the viewpoint of both teachers and students. This multi-contributor blog features articles on instructional design are plentiful, and the blog contains links to helpful resources on eLearning, administration, web tools, and more.

6. Upside Learning Blog - This is a good blog for those new to instructional design or just curious about the subject. Material is presented for students, recent graduates, and rookies to the field. It also contains links to other informative blog.

7. IDOS Blog – Cool graphics, informative and timely information – this blog has it all. The IDOS blog focuses on social media and eLearning. Topics include overwriting, troubleshooting, and instructional design models. Articles are easy to locate and well-written.

8. Flirting w/ eLearning – This blog is maintained by Nicole Legault, a fairly recent graduate with an Instructional Design degree. She outlines her experiences with instructional design and is a great resource for beginners and recent graduates who want to get a feel for the field.

9. Ray Pastore, Ph.D.’s Blog – Ray Pastore, the Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at the University of North Carolina – Wilmington, maintains this blog. It is technical and aimed towards professionals currently in the field. This blog offers insight into the world of instructional design, as well as learning theories.

10. Cammy Bean’s Learning Visions - Cammy Bean lends her 15 years of experience with instructional design to this blog. She has links to many instructional design resources, as well as information for those just getting started on the road to an instructional design degree.

These blogs help those interested get a feel for the field of instructional design and offer new insights and resources to those currently in the field.

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